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Passionate about your health and fitness. Passionate about helping you achieve your goals. Bestbodies has the personal experience and knowledge that will help you achieve your goals. Servicing the bayside/south eastern suburbs, contact Bestbodies Training now to start being your best you.

"18 months, 10 kilos lost, best thing I have ever done. Lee is supportive with an amazing sense of humour. She makes you want to exercise and understands those days where you just don’t feel motivated. I would recommend to everyone."


"I'm possibly THE most unmotivated person for exercise that exists. Even though I can only handle 1-2 sessions per week, it is through Lee's encouragement, positivity and humour that I come back repeatedly for more, I mean training. Awesome, dynamic training at that!"


"Lee, when I first started I wasn't sure what to expect, but thank you for your encouragement & praise that motivates me. You're just amazing & know exactly what exercises are appropriate, your training outdoors adds to the fun & would hate to miss a single session.Highly recommend anyone that wants to join."


"I have the pleasure of participating in Lee's group sessions.  Lee who is passionate about helping people get fit, makes sure that every session is different, and that every exercise can be modified when needed based on individuals capabilities.  Lee, with her positive attitude, has a great ability to motivate and make sure that every participant give it all they have during the session. I would recommend Lee to anyone who is thinking about making a lifestyle change."

Dana Gordon

​“Lee is such a friendly approachable and knowledgable coach.  Her training is fun, inviting and always inclusive of all shapes, sizes and fitness....."

Brad Cunningham

"Lee has personal experience and a "can do" attitude. She will infect you with her passion and get you the results you are after. Highly recommended."

Renee Trost

Lee is very friendly supportive and really knows what she is talking about when it comes to health and fitness"

Lisa Albert

"Lee leads by example, such an inspirational person. She will get you to be your best."

Neroli Blyth

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