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Has life has become so busy, so full of doing things for your loved ones that your health and fitness is just a distant memory and it's all too hard to consider starting again?  And anyway, you can't do the same things you once could, right?  
So why bother right?  

Bestbodies is about empowering you to be the best version of you.  We are about what you CAN do, not what you can't do. Our mantra -  "It's never too late to be who you want to be."

Personal Training

Bestbodies is all about making sure you reach your goals.  My one on one personal training will have you buzzing with vitality and reaching your goals in no time.  You will have your own personal training program designed around your specific requirements and we will track your progress to ensure you reach your desired goal.  I will come to you or you can come to the studio.


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Small Group Training incorporating "Lift" program for the mature woman

Dont' like training on your own?  Bestbodies Training offers small group training.  Incorporating the specialised "Lift" program that is designed to "lift" the mature woman to be strong, mobile and confident leading into and past her menopausal years.

Whether it's two, three or four in your group, we will get you motivated and ensure you all work at your optimal level to achieve your desired results.  And you will have fun and be working together at the same time.  After all, there's nothing like having some "partners in crime" to help push you to your max, right?


Group Training

Come on down and be part of our awesome, supportive, non judgemental, fun group.  We are all about what you can do not what you can't do and give you options.  There's nothing quite like exercising outdoors with a view that can distract you from all the stresses of your day, even if it's only for an hour.  Make friends, laugh, exercise and get fit and healthy while your at it.

All levels and abilities catered for with a focus on low impact work, strength, balance and mobility for the mature woman.

Corporate Fitness

Staff bootcamps, group fitness, 28 day challenges are all perfect ways to create a great team.  Your added bonus is that your staff will be fitter, healthier and have more energy to focus on their daily tasks in their workplace.  Bestbodies can help get your team working to their otimum.

Muscle Tone

So you're out shopping, having a meal somewhere and there they are, that person who is looking absolutely fabulous, tones arms, totally buffed. And then there's you. Right at that moment you want to crawl into a hole. They must be genetically predisposed to that body, surely. Let me tell you from personal experience, that that body can be yours.  More importantly, it can be yours at any age.  

Spend a bit of time with Bestbodies Training and we will make it happen for you and then you will be the one everyone is looking at!

Core Strength

Core strength is one of those terms you hear, but what does it mean to you?  To you is means the difference between being able to function pain free in all your daily activities or forever putting up with that sore back.  It means being able to perform those exercises properly without injuring yourself.  It means being strong! And believe us when we say, that will make you feel invincible!

Train with Bestbodies Training and we will make you feel invincible!

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