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Not into Gyms?

Bestbodies can help you
be your best you.

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Kinetic Link Training
Level 1 & 2 trainer

Biomechanically balanced, functional strength training program

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Small Group Training
One on One
Welcome to Bestbodies Training

It's a never ending battle to stay on top of your fitness, health and wellbeing. That feeling of "oh well I suppose I should go for that walk" or "I'll start my new fitness regime on Monday". Somehow Monday never comes, it's too hard, you're too busy, you just can't be bothered. Having been down that path myself I know only too well how hard it is to get started and to stay motivated. But it can be done, and it's not hard at all.....

That's where Bestbodies Training comes in. I can make that chore into an experience that will have you absolutely bursting with energy and vitality. I offer personal one-on-one, small group training as well as corporate bootcamps and programs geared to your specific goals. You are not just a number at a gym.  You are special to me and as such will receive all the support you need to achieve your goal.


Operating in the bayside/southeastern suburban area, I can't wait to get you started towards being your best.



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Lee Scotland

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